Friendship Child Care Center

Classes & Curriculum

Classes & Schedule

School Class Size

Friendship Child Care Center (FCCC) has a maximum enrollment of 40 students:

  • 2s class: 10 students

  • 3s class: 12 students

  • 4s class: 18 students

Student-Teacher Ratios

We employ three teachers and four instructional aides. Our child to teacher ratios are:

  • 2s Class: 5:1

  • 3s Class: 6:1

  • 4s Class: 9:1

During the pandemic, while we need to observe physical distancing and other safety procedures, we have limited the enrollment to the capacity of the classrooms.

Hour of Operation

The center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM.

We provide services year-round with no spring or summer break. We observe only nine federal holidays during the year.

Meals Provided

During the pandemic, we require parents to provide packed lunch and snacks to their children to minimize contamination from outside sources. Moreover, because we have limited enrollment, our caterers are not willing to take small orders.

Under normal conditions we serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks to our students. Our lunches were provided by our caterer, Fairfax Food Services & Caterers, and delivered hot and fresh daily. All meals meet nutritional requirements. Meals are served in each classroom and enjoyed in a relaxed social setting. A copy of menu is provided monthly to parents.


We have a preschool curriculum tailored to the ages of the children. All the children study the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and sizes. Science and math concepts are a part of the regular instructions.

The children are engaged in at least one table activity each day, such as an art project or an academic paper.

The children learn to relate to each other through play. They also learn manners and proper ways to interact with other children and their teachers.

Rest & Play

The children nap for 2 hours after lunch.

When the weather permits, each class goes outside twice a day. We have a large, fenced playground with swings, ride-on toys, climber playset, picnic table and benches. We also have a big space for our indoor activities during the winter months.


We have chapel activities twice a month during the school year and music class with a special music teacher. We also participate in Vacation Bible School for one week during summer months.

Special Activities

We have programs to celebrate special days such as Mother’s Day/Parents’ Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas and other holidays. Our parents are always invited to join us.

During the year we have fire puppets, water play and sports activities. We are also visited by a veterinarian, mail carrier, pilot and dentist who talk with the children to share their experiences.

Inclement Weather Policy

FCCC follows the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) closing schedule in the event of bad weather, which means if FCPS announces a:

  • One-hour delay, the Center will not open until 8:30 AM.

  • Two-hour delay, the Center will not open until 9:30 AM.

  • Closure due to inclement weather, the Center will also close on the same schedule.

It is important to check with local radio and television stations for up-to-date information on delays and closing of FCPS.