How to Give Online

To give to Friendship UMC please use the "Give Now" button above or CLICK HERE.

When you click either of those links, you will be directed to an external website. You should see the Friendship UMC stained glass logo at the top of that page. Our online giving is processed by Vanco Payment Solutions, which provides a secure giving portal that ensures your financial information is handled securely and payment is processed professionally.

When you reach that site, you can choose either to give a one-time donation or to create a recurring donation. You will be given the opportunity to create an account, which will simply giving in the future, or simply to make a one-time donation. If you choose to give via an account, you can either login or create an account. If you choose to give without creating an account, you can simply input your information.

From the ONLINE DONATION page, follow these simple steps:

(1) Choose Fund(s) to Support

Money that is given to “General Fund” supports our general budget – this is the account that supports everything we do as a church, including staff salaries, worship, education, outreach, and more. Unless you specifically want your money to go into another fund, please direct it to “General Fund,” which is the primary fund used to support our work.

Other key designated funds, such as "Facility Improvement" and "Memorial Gifts" are also listed.

(2) Specify Giver Information

Fill in your personal information as directed.

(3) Specify Method of Giving

You can choose to give via credit card, debit card, or by direct transfer from a checking or savings account. Once you complete and submit this information, you will be directed to a confirmation page. Once this process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have any other questions about how to give, please contact us at Thank you for supporting Friendship UMC with your financial giving. Your contributions enable our church to do the work of God in our community!

Why We Give

Everything we have is a gift from God. We believe that Christians are called to give generously to the work of God through the life of our local church, and we at Friendship UMC are passionate about using the gifts we receive to make a difference in our community and congregation.

Giving is something that we do out of thankfulness – because God has given everything to us, we return a portion of what we receive to God, through the church, in order to support the work of God in our world. In addition, giving to the church changes us – giving helps form us into more faithful and generous people while also supporting the essential mission and ministry of our church. Through the money that is given, we help make disciples and participate in God’s work of transforming the world.

Giving is a spiritual act. We live in a world in which money matters, and our financial support of the church is one of the many ways that we put our faith into practice. It is also a way of making church a priority in our lives – a tangible and practical way in which we work to put God first.

We at Friendship UMC are thankful for your generosity and all the ways that your giving helps us be the church together. In order to facilitate your giving, we offer the option to give online through a specialized online giving company that offers safe and effective electronic giving/payment options for churches, non-profits, and businesses throughout Virginia (and beyond). This option is meant to help you give more conveniently and regularly. We know that many of you manage many of your expenses electronically or through automated payments. By offering an online giving option, we are hoping to give you that same convenience as you make your offering to God through the ministries of Friendship UMC.

Donations to Friendship UMC

Friendship UMC is a United Methodist Church, and, as a United Methodist Church, is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. All money given through this link will go to support the mission, ministry, and work of Friendship UMC.

The physical address for Friendship UMC is 3527 Gallows Road, Falls Church, Virginia, 22042.