Become A Member

If you'd like to make Friendship UMC your church home, we celebrate that decision and would like to help you take the next step.

We believe it’s important and helpful for new members to have a common understanding of our beliefs, history, culture, practices and expectations. For this reason, will be offering classes periodically throughout the year.

What are Vows of Membership?

Membership vows are important because they give us an outline for our common work of Christian discipleship. Within The United Methodist Church, members make a covenant (promise) to do the following:

Once you’ve completed our New Member Class, you’ll be invited to take the vows of membership during a weekend worship service. Learn more about the membership vows of The United Methodist Church.

What is Membership Class?

We offer New Member Classes throughout the year. Facilitated by the pastor, you’ll find this experience to be relaxed, welcoming and rewarding as you learn more about our history, values and beliefs, as well as opportunities to grow, serve and connect. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Location:   Pastor's Study | Friendship UMC Office

Leader:       Rev. James E. Harrington

What Does it Mean to Be United Methodist?

If you'd like to learn more about what it means to be United Methodist, we invite you to check out this learning opportunity developed by United Methodist Communications.  It will help you understand the beliefs we share with all Christian believers as well as distinctive Methodist theology, practices, and structure.


Categories of Membership in the UMC

Professing Members

Youth and Adults who have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and made vows of membership.

Baptized Members

Babies, Children, Youth, and Adults who have been baptized.

Affiliate Members

Professing members of other United Methodist Churches who wish to have temporary membership in the local church.

Associate Members

Professing members of other denominations who wish to have temporary membership in the local church.

Constituent Members

Persons who are not on the professing, baptized or other type of members for whom the church has pastoral responsibility.