Friendship Preschool

Teachers & Staff

The staff and teachers at Friendship Preschool enjoy helping children discover their strengths and independence through varied play experiences and with lots of nurturing and encouragement. They believe that preschool is a valuable place for children to develop connections with their peers, as well as to hone the skills that will help them work and play happily with others. 

Left to Right:  Mrs. Lam (4s), Ms. Avanthika (3s), Ms. Tessa (3s), Ms. Carrie (Director), Ms. Nila (2s), Ms. Neha (2s) and Mrs. Nguyen (4s).

Friendship Preschool is licensed by the state of Virginia as a child day center. As such, it is inspected twice annually by a state inspector. It is also permitted and inspected annually by the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department and holds a Residential Use Permit issued subject to the requirements of the County of Fairfax.  View the proof of publication of our non-discrimination policy.