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Sundays, 11:00 AM

Sermon Series

In September we are launching a new sermon series based on the New Testament book of Acts. Through this series we will learn about the life of the early church and discover how their story is foundational for understanding Our Story as modern-day followers of Jesus Christ.

Throughout this series, we encourage you to read and study the book of Acts, individually or as part of a small group, seeking the Spirit's wisdom and guidance for the church today.

Sermon Recordings

Sun, Feb 17 Acts 15:1-35 Our Story: The Council of Jerusalem Rev. M. Thomas Lott

Sun, Feb 10 Acts 14:8-23 Our Story: Spiritual Authority Rev. M. Thomas Lott

Sun, Feb 3 Acts 13:13-16, 26, 38-48 Our Story: Discouragement/Encouragement Rev. M. Thomas Lott

Sun, Jan 27 Acts 12:19b-13:12 Our Story: Set Apart Rev. M. Thomas Lott

Earlier sermons are available in our Sermon Archive.

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