Good Friday

Stations of the Cross

April 10, 2020 7 PM


Join us on Good Friday at 7:00 PM for Stations of the Cross. This online multi-sensory worship service will help you experience more deeply the meaning and significance of Christ's passion.

As you prepare for the service, please take a moment to review the following:

      • Gather the suggested Worship Aids to enhance your worship experience.
      • Please sign our virtual Attendance Pad so that we know you worshiped with us this evening.
      • Click Launch Zoom Session to access the live stream. (Link will become active by 6:30 PM)

Worship Aids

To enhance your experience of Stations of the Cross, create a worship space with the following items:

Candle & Lighter

Green Plant & Bare Stick

Cross of Any Kind

Small Stone

Music & Videos

We will share music and video clips over Zoom. If, however, you experience network choppiness, they can also be accessed directly using these links:

Live Stream

The Launch button above will be come active by 6:30 PM

For optimal display, maximize the Zoom window on your computer (or rotate you smart phone sideways)

Once connected to Zoom, be sure to enable your audio.