When Christians Get It Wrong

Online Study 

Wednesday @ 10:30  | Meets on Zoom

Book Study

Wednesdays at 10:30 AM - Meeting via Zoom

More and more young adults have opted out of Christianity and the church. The reason they say? Christians.

When young adults talk about the problems they have with Christianity and the church, they often name certain attitudes and behaviors they believe are practiced too often by Christians: judging others, condemning people of other faiths, rejecting science, injecting politics into faith, and being anti-homosexual

Our study tackles these issues and addresses the how’s and why’s of Christians getting it right when it comes to being Christ in the world.

Through this study you'll gain a different way of understanding the issues that keep people away from Christianity and keep Christians from living a more compelling faith.

Contact the church office for more information or to obtain the Zoom link to participate.